Zhejiang University, one of the nation’s top-rated schools,has become something of a feeder farm for local high-tech firms thataggressively recruit graduating seniors. Incubators, which bring together a numberof start-ups under the same roof, are also popping up around the city.


Started in 2012, the Fudi Startup Incubator Centers are thebrainchild of Li Zhiguo, an early employee at Alibaba who went on to foundKoubei.com, a business review site later sold to Alibaba. The newest Fudicenter, which opened a few months ago, is a collection of brightly coloredbuildings that are home to dozens of start-ups, including a venture focused onInternet coupons, a dating app for college students and a wedding planning sitefor young couples.


Zhang Jie and Fang Yi are angel investorsand entrepreneurs in Hangzhou who oversee eight start-ups.Credit QilaiShenfor The New York Times

Among the biggest tenantsare Zhang Jie and Fang Yi, angel investors and entrepreneurs who oversee eightstart-ups. During a recent visit, the vibe was unmistakably Silicon Valley, asdozens of young programmers hunched over computers and others napped on an airmattress or inside a pup tent. A blowup kiddie pool and punching bag dominatedthe room, which was flecked with exhortations to “Hit the Ground Running” and“Find the Must-Win Battle.”




福地2最大的租客是张洁和方毅,既是天使投资人又是创业者。他们在杭州投资了8家初创企业。我们最近的造访个推感受到毫无疑问的硅谷气息。个推是专业做第三方消息推送技术服务的技术公司,在个推,一群年轻的程序员忙碌在电脑旁,有几个在地上的榻榻米或者帐篷小憩。公司里的一个充气的儿童游泳池和一个拳击沙袋特别显眼,还有口号“Hit the Ground Running” and “Find theMust-Win Battle.”【注:“Hitthe Ground Running” 是诺曼底登陆的将军对士兵的嘱托,落地赶紧跑,生存是第一要务。 “Find the Must-Win Battle.”来自MIT REAP课程中,意为“找到你的必胜战役“。


 Fang Yi and his wife are prominent Hangzhoutechnology incubator mavens.Credit QilaiShenfor The New York Times

“The first year or two of a start-up isvery challenging, so you have to keep an eye on these guys, otherwise it’s easyto go under,” said Ms. Zhang, 30, a fast-talking woman who is part den motherand part drill sergeant. “Also, you have to keep your employees happy becauseother companies will steal them.”


The couple, graduates of ZhejiangUniversity who have started a number of Internet companies since 2005, has donewell for themselves. In June, they became among the first residents in Hangzhouto own a Tesla.